The Reichenbach Fall

So I finally got around to watching the last episode of Sherlock series two.

OFF THE FECKIN’ CHAIN. *ahem* sorry about the language. Is Martin Freeman eligible for a BAFTA next year for this? Had me in FLOODS of tears. What a great, great actor! Cumberbatch, goes without saying of course, fantastic, but he has the flashier role and in a way those are almost easier. (Is Sherlock series one up for BAFTAs this year? Have I missed it? I have not been keeping up.**)

Just an amazing series, and this last episode really, really raised the bar. And the MUSIC! Gah. Rooftop scene reminded me of Life on Mars, of course. Pretty sure I bought “Sinner Man” the last time it was used on a TV show–oh wait, wasn’t that Life on Mars?!  So stylishly filmed too.

OK, now I have to go search the UK papers for all those morning-after stories because I know I saw them, but didn’t read because of spoilers. But I noticed: an uncharacteristic (for Sherlock) conversation with NerdyGirl, the pigeons taking flight, and pretty sure the cyclist running into Watson was no accident but an opportunity to…no, better not say!

GAH! And I can’t say anything else because I don’t think it’s on PBS until…May? Did I read May somewhere?


**PS Sherlock series 1 got the BAFTA and Martin Freeman got the best supporting actor BAFTA 2011. \o/

PPS: HUGE PROPS to the writers. HUGE! They left clues like breadcrumbs all over this episode and indeed throughout the whole of series 2. So elegantly put together.

I would love to credit whoever made this!

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