New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day seems like a good day for the first entry in a new blog! I’ve decided this year to try to keep track of my travels, what I’m up to at work and at play, tell stories of my experiences living abroad, and put down those random conversations I have with myself. I’m also hoping it will be an impetus for photography. I’ve enjoyed Facebook and the opportunity to keep up with friends near and far, but wanted something with more flexibility than Facebook notes.

Right now the blog is just in template form, and I’m sure I’ll be spending most of the next few weeks trying to figure it out. (Why don’t I get the universal orange RSS feed buttons? Why am I having so much trouble getting the widgets I want?) Because I’m off to the American Historical Association meeting on Wednesday, I won’t have time to dig into it right away but in a month or two I hope to have it set up the way I want it.

It also should be a good place to keep my new year’s goals in view and on track.

So welcome to 2011 and welcome to the next steps along the road!

PS I love the snowflakes! Unfortunately they disappear on January 4th. Thank you WordPress! I hope they have other cool seasonal (free) extras…

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4 Responses to New Year’s Day

  1. Carol says:

    I love the snowflakes too! Does this mean I should take “Nudelings” out of my bookmarked pages?

    • Ivis says:

      Yes, you can. I’ll keep that blog for other reasons, but will put only selected posts from here to there.

      (working on making comments un-moderated here–I hate that, and it’s not as if this is a political or newspaper blog)

  2. Kay says:

    Beautiful and SOO weird. I started working on a blog last night, but didn’t actually post until this am. Mine is on blospot This could be fun. I need to work on my layout, etc. but yours looks great!

  3. Hi Ivis!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven’t had any issues with the inside of the changing table/dresser drawers now that covered it in contact paper. Previous to doing that I never would have put the baby’s stuff in there. It was pretty grungy. But I wiped the entire thing down, vacuumed and put down the contact paper and it’s been perfect. I originally tried to decoupage the inside of the drawers with some Modge Podge and that was a complete disaster so I definitely suggest the contact paper. Good luck! I’d love to see how your makeover turns out!

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